All classes are in the Lounge and meet from 9:15 to 10:15, unless otherwise noted.


The Origins of American Presbyterianism

with Dr. R. Bruce Douglass


September Sundays at 9:15 in the Lounge


Beloved adult education speaker Dr. Bruce Douglass will be with us again. Dr. Douglass is Director of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington and Associate Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University, and he will lead us in a study of the origin of American Presbyterianism.

Presbyterianism in America is a product of developments that took place almost a century before the founding of the American republic and contributed significantly to the creation of the United States as an independent nation. This series of talks is designed to explain what exactly that means, how, and why, it happened, and why it still matters today (and not just to Presbyterians).  


September 9: Historical Background (England and Scotland)

September 16: The Forging of American Presbyterianism in the Colonies      

September 23: The Struggle for Independence

September 30: David Gray on the Basics of Presbyterianism