All classes are in the Lounge and meet from 9:15 to 10:15, unless otherwise noted.

February 2018

Recovering from Brokeness & Stitching Together New Lives"

  • February 4: Professional counselors Tory Joseph and Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier will lead a discussion and small groups to explore emotional and personal healing.
  • February 11: Pastor David Gray will explore spiritual healing through lessons from the Bible.
  • February 18: Faith Community Nurse Joanie Friend will lead the group and explore aspects of physical healing.

"Making Lent Meaningful for Families and All Christians"

  • February 25: Lent can be a meaningful but also challenging season for Christians. It lacks the excitement of the lead-up to Christmas. Culturally, Lent brings to mind giving up things, eating fish on Fridays, and serious music. How do we make sense of this special season? How can we help families appreciate it? What are ways for parents and grandparents to encourage their families to find meaning from Lent as we prepare for Easter? Join Pastor David and Director of Christian Education Matt Nabinger for a disussion of making Lent meaningful for all, including ideas for hands-on activities and crafts for children to help the season come alive.