As a mission of the Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, the Bradley Hills Nursery School seeks to provide a relaxed atmosphere of loving and caring in which children are encouraged to develop their own talents, uniqueness, and self-esteem. Bradley Hills nurtures all aspects of a child's growth: social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Nursery school is a group experience; therefore, our programs place an equal emphasis on helping the child learn the disciplines of social interactions and personal responsibility.

As a church-sponsored institution, the Bradley Hills Nursery School seeks to reflect Christian values in all of its activities. Stories, pictures and prayers drawn from Christian traditions are included in the curriculum.

A Nursery School of Excellence

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church Nursery School (BHPCNS) is recognized as a school of excellence with an international enrollment. Our staff members are extremely well qualified: each teacher has a college degree or training in preschool education; assistants are qualified and experienced in early childhood care. Admission is open to children of all races, faiths, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.

Programs Available

  • Two Year Olds: This program gives children the opportunity to explore music, stories, free play and creative art activities. Teacher to child ratio is one to six.
  • Three Year Olds: This program introduces cognitive activities and structure through art, music and story time. Children learn to share and enjoy group play. Teacher to child ratio is one to seven.
  • Four Year Olds: This program focuses on complex cognitive activities with art, music and story time. Teacher to child ratio is one to nine.

Special Programs

These curriculum supplements are presented on a monthly basis.

  • Music for two, three and four year olds.
  • Aerobics for two, three and four year olds
  • Science for three and four year olds
  • Literature for three and four year olds

Daily Schedule

All Nursery School programs begin at 9 am.

  • Two Year Olds: Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesdays. The Wednesday class is geared toward children who have summer birthdays.
  • Three Year Olds: Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Four Year Olds: Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Monday through Friday
  • Stay and Play: For Three's and Four's, four or five days* per week from 12:30-2:30 pm.

*Days dependent upon demand and staffing ability. Stay and Play begins in October of each school year.

Financial assistance

Available through the Alla Johnson Scholarship Fund established by the Nursery School Board.

For more information or to schedule a tour

  • Visit the Bradley Hills Nursery School web site at, or
  • Contact: our director, Liz Sobrino at 301-365-2909