Contact a Pastor or Joanie Friend Directly for Individual Prayers and Support

Contact either of the pastors or Joanie Friend for a listening ear, prayer and pastoral support. You may email any of them directly:

David Gray
Chris Foster
Joanie Friend
Main Office Number (301) 365-2850


BHPC Prayer Chain Support

Bradley Hills has a prayer chain consisting of many people throughout the congregation who pray for individuals requesting prayer support for themselves or others. People on the prayer chain receive regular emails with the names and concerns of those who have requested this prayer support.

To request prayer chain support: If you desire broader congregational prayer support when you request prayers, indicate whether you would like to have your request added to the prayer chain when you contact David, Kori or Joanie above. You can also submit the request below.

To join the prayer list: To add your name to the prayer list so you can pray for others, email Joanie Friend or phone 301-365-2850, ext. 518.


Request Prayers Online

Please use this form to request prayers.

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