Taste of Asia Fundraising Dinner

June 8 to June 8

Taste of Asia Fundraising Dinner

Purpose: to provide scholarships through the Endowment for Higher Education for Women in Asia. 

Featured speaker:  Carol H. Yost, director, Womens Empowerment Program, The Asia Foundation

Theme: Transforming families, communities and societies in Asia, one girl at a time.

Time and place: 6 pm, Memorial Hall, Bradley Hills Church

Menu: wonderful assortment of dishes from across Asia:  Japan, Korea, India and Patkistan, China and Thailand

Featured music: Ewah (women's university in Seoul, Korea) Chorus

Cost: $15

RSVP by June 6th: call Linda Reynolds at 301-365-2850, or drop by her office, or email Endowment.HEA@gmail.com.


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