Fall Sermon Series: Rediscovering the Reformation - Romans and Renewal

September 10 to October 1

Many of us come to church for renewal. We join in community worship each week amidst our busy lives to renew our spirits for the week to come. Renewal is one of the goals and gifts of the Reformation.

This fall, the Christian world celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Presbyterians are part of the Reformed tradition – a line of Christians who have historically been influenced by the ideas of the Reformation. Yet what are those ideas? Why do they matter today? Can rediscovering the Reformation make a difference in our relationship with God? 

Join us this fall for a series of messages based on Paul’s letter to the Romans. This book of the Bible, perhaps more than any other, influenced Martin Luther 500 years ago. We will explore the meaning of the Reformation for our lives. It’s a chance to consider what renewal could mean for us.   




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