12/30/12 Jennifer Butler

Anything Can Happen When Faith Meets Doubt

Luke 2:41-52

12/24/12 David Gray
Christmas Eve
Read    Listen  Luke 2: 1-20
12/16/12 David Gray
3rd Sunday of Advent
Good News of the Apocalypse
Read    Listen     Watch
Luke 3:2-18
12/9/12 Juli Wilson-Black
2nd Sunday of Advent
A Letter Home
Read     Listen     Watch
Luke 3:1-6
12/2/12 David Gray
1st Sunday of Advent
Walking the Circle
Read     Listen     Watch
Luke 1:5-15
11/25/12 Juli Wilson-Black An Unlikely King
Read     Listen     Watch
Philippians 2:4-11
11/18/12 David Gray An Attitude of Gratitude
Read     Listen     Watch
Luke 17:11-19
11/11/12 Interfaith Service
David Gray
Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer
Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee 
A Conversation: The Call to Community
Listen to Sacred Readings  
Listen to the Conversation
11/4/12 David Gray The Heavenly Banquet
Read     Listen     Watch
Luke 14:1; 7-14
10/28/12 David Gray Taking Responsibility
Read     Listen     Watch
Matthew 25: 14-25
10/21/12 David Gray Celebrating Our Gifts
Read     Listen     Watch
Deuteronomy 14:22-29
10/14/12 David Gray Humility
Read     Listen
Philippians 2: 1-11
10/7/12 Juli Wilson-Black Food, Glorious Food
Read     Listen    Watch
1 Corinthians 11:17-34
9/30/12 David Gray Risking
Read     Listen
Matthew 14: 22-33
9/23/12 David Gray Listening
Read     Listen     Watch
1 Kings 18:41-46; 19:9-13
9/16/12 David Gray Welcoming
Read     Listen     Watch
Isiah 56: 1-7
9/9/12 David Gray Remembering
Read     Watch
Ezekiel 37:1-14
9/2/12 Juli Wilson-Black Bread of Heaven, Down to Earth
Read     Listen    Watch
Matthew 13:33-35
8/26/12 David Gray Parenting as a Spiritual Practice
Read     Listen     Watch
Deuteronomy 30:11-14
8/19/12 Marty Albershardt Glory to God Alone
Listen     Watch
Ephesians 5:15-20
8/12/12 Juli Wilson-Black Grow Where You Are Planted
Read     Listen     Watch
Matthew 13:1-23
8/5/12 Tom Jones What Has Happened-Should Hapen-to Sin
Listen     Watch
Psalm 51
7/29/12 Juli Wilson-Black Where is your Treasure?
Read     Listen     Watch
Matthew 13:44-46
7/22/12 Jill Lum Have We Forgotten We Belong to Each Other?
Listen     Watch
John 17:20-26
7/15/12 David Gray The God Particle
Read     Listen     Watch
Colossians 3:1-11
7/8/12 David Gray When the Power Goes Out
Read    Listen
John 5: 1-20; 30 and Psalm 46
6/24/12 Marty Albershardt Peace!  Be Still!
Listen     Watch
Mark 4:35-41
6/17/12 Juli Wilson-Black The Tree of Life
Ezekiel 17:22-24, Mark 4:26-34
6/10/12 David Gray

Come By Here
Read    Watch

Micah 6:1-8
6/3/12 David Gray The Triple Crown
Read     Listen     Watch
Matthew 28:16-20
5/27/12 Juli Wilson-Black What God Looks Like
Listen     View Slides
Acts 2:1-21
5/20/12 Youth Sunday This I Believe
Acts 17 and Psalm 139:1-14
5/13/12  David Gray Come As You Are
 Luke 10:38-42
5/6/12 David Gray Branching Out
Read     Listen
John 15:1-17
4/29/12 David Gray Gifted With Doubts
Read     Listen
John 20:19-29
4/22/12 Juli Wilson-Black Grounded
Read     Listen
Readings from Genesis 2-3
4/15/12 Juli Wilson-Black

Right Before Our Eyes
Read     Watch     Listen

Luke 24:13-35
4/8/12 David Gray
Easter Sunday
Do Not Be Afraid
Read     Watch
Matthew 28:1-10
4/1/12 David Gray Was Jesus Afraid?
Read     Listen
Matthew 26:36-46
3/25/12 Juli Wilson-Black If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get into It
Read     Watch     Listen
John 11:32-44
3/18/12 David Gray When It's Good to Be Afraid
Read     Watch     Listen
Proverbs 1:1-17
3/11/12 David Gray Facing Our Fear of Change
Read     Watch    Listen
Exodus 14:5-14
3/4/12 David Gray Ghost Stories
Read    Watch     Listen
Matthew 14:22-33
2/26/12 David Gray Facing Our Fears
Read     Watch
Luke 4: 1-14
2/19/12 Juli Wilson-Black Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!
Read     Watch     Listen
Mark 9:2-9
2/12/12 Juli Wilson-Black Seven Easy Steps to Change Your Life
 Watch     Listen
Mark 1: 40-45
2/5/12 David Gray Loving Your Gifts, Loving Your Church
Read     Watch     Listen
1 Peter 4: 1-11
1/29/12 David Gray Being a Church Animal
Read     Watch     Listen
John 21:3-17
1/22/12 David Gray Why Go To Church?
Read     Watch    Listen
Matthew 18:12-20
1/8/12 David Gray Identification
Read     Watch
Matthew 2:1-4, 9-11; 3:13-17;
John 1:18-34
1/1/12 David Gray Leftovers
Read     Watch
Luke 2:8-40